Style & Texture for Effective Fiction (Generative Workshop)

Pascale Potvin
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A recording of the "Style & Texture for Effective Fiction" workshop, originally given for TYWI's 2020 Writeathon.

In this workshop, writer & editor Pascale Potvin will outline a few strategies for making your writing flow/feel the way you'd like it to flow/feel. She will highlight the stylistic distinctions between genre and literary fiction, plus how those two categories demand divergent responses from their readers. Participants will learn to hone not only their sentences, but also the texture in-between the lines on each page; to achieve this, they'll complete exercises for establishing tone, mood, and general readability.

A few reviews:

"I learned so much in your workshop, it was utterly fascinating. I never really thought about texture, but after your workshop, I find myself almost tasting my words, and I’ve already made improvements because of it. Thank you so much for your thoughts, unique lessons, and words!"

"Thank you so much for putting together this presentation, Pascale! I learned a lot about how to make my writing more vibrant when I write prose through this workshop, and you were so engaging to watch."

"Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us about style and texture! I've never really thought about writing in this perspective, and it was so interesting to do so. This was definitely my fav workshop :) I'll be using these techniques in my own writing!"

"Thank you so much for leading such an amazing workshop! Your talent as a writer and the way you facilitated + supported the participants are so admirable. I learned a lot I’ll definitely be carrying with me."

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Style & Texture for Effective Fiction (Generative Workshop)

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